Mobile Strategy Analysis

In our actual economic environment going mobile is a must. We can help you structure your strategy around implementing mobile tech into your business.

Brand Analysis

Properly presenting your brand in front of your customers, investors and employees could be a key aspect in your business.

Design and product strategy

Your vision needs to be implemented into tangible documents such as a product roadmap.

Content Strategy

We can help you with the planning, development and management of content for your products.

Technical Strategy and Guidance

Our team of specialists has huge technical skills. For some of our clients we act as a consultancy, offering them technical advice and guidance.

Marketing Strategy

You wanted a nice website, a cool app and thought everything will be great? Without a marketing strategy how will you let others find out about you? Planning every step of the process enables you to be on top of the situation, prepared and ready for the next step.


User Experience Design

What’s the difference between a super cool website and one that drives you mad? UX is the overall experience one feels when using a specific product. We create amazing products and User Experience helps us do impressive work.

User Interface Design

Do you remember how Computer programs used to look about 20 years ago? The techniques in designing super easy to use User Interfaces has evolved so much. We can even add great interfaces on old programs and they’ll look great.

Responsive Web Design

All our websites are designed to be responsive. Given the fact people are browsing your website from a multitude of screens, you need to be prepared to address their needs. If your website isn’t responsive, calls us now and we’ll sort it out.

Mobile Apps Design

Designing a mobile app can be a fun thing to do. We can start working with you on different steps of your process. Even if it’s just designing, or you need a full service, we love creating mobile apps.


Creating unique name and image for your software products is one of our skills. Having created and launched two of our own products, we have experience in creating a significant presence in the market, with the purpose to attract and retain customers.

Information Architecture

You have so many ideas, information and things to share. Here IA comes into play - deciding how to arrange the parts of your information in order to be easy to understand. IA is the foundation of UX.


Web Development

Most web developers say that the website is the most important thing when it comes to your brand on the market. We just say it needs to be great. We build great websites, on modern frameworks and with tons of functionalities. All our websites are responsive and look great. Ask us how you can have one.

Smart TV Apps

Our Smart TV department is specialised in developing apps for Smart TVs. Streaming apps, simple games, services, can all be implemented into an application for your smart television. We can create apps for all brands of TVs, DVRs and Media Players on the market. Find out how.

Complex Web Applications

From financial software in the banking industry to web apps for automotive companies, we love working on very big projects. Our standards, creativity, and not least our Executive Team’s leadership allow us to make a promise: We’ll be on time, on budget and on specs.

iOS App Development

Apple Store has had 140 Billion downloads so far with a 106% YoY growth. We are specialised in creating native iOS apps. From business to leisure, from gaming to social media, we love creating apps. Find out how an app can help you and your business. Ask us now.

Android App Development

With about 2.4 million apps launched so far, the Google Play user has a huge variety to choose from. How much could it cost you not to have your own app in Google Play? If your competition has mobile apps, can you afford not to? Ask us about the costs of developing a mobile app.

Web App Development

We can create web apps for your website, to help you with various tasks, saving you time, money or to make your clients’ lives easier. We create client-server software applications and then integrate them to your projects.

Wearables Apps

Wearables have started booming in the last couple of years. Having apps for wearables enables you to be closer to your clients, have visibility and improve users’ lives. We can create software for your brand, so it will be present on each and every device on the market. You will be found.

Landing Pages

Structuring information for a specific product, service or event into a nice clean landing page has started to become a best practice. Landing pages make the information easier to understand, to read and the user won’t be lost in tons of irrelevant information. Let’s develop a landing page together.

API integration

We can help you integrate your new software to your existing systems. It can be your ERP, CRM, or other platforms, we’re prepared to do it. Through integration, you can use your systems’ full functionalities on a super lightweight app.

Front-end & Back-end Development

Our programmers write code for both the client side and the server side as well.


Focus Group Testing

We can use focus groups to test various parts of your Software. Using focus groups is a best practice in the marketing environment, as you are able to see how specific groups of people interact with your software. After testing it on a focus group, the required changes can be implemented to your project so that it’s easier to use, more engaging, and not least, abides by the purpose it was created for.

IT Consultation and Services

We provide business grade IT consultation and services for SMEs. You have an app or other software idea and you’re not sure how to move forward. We think IT, we understand IT, we breathe and live IT. Do you have a challenge for us?

User Experience Testing

UX is the fine tuning of the functionalities of your project. UX is not Design and it’s not functionality either. UX reflects how engaging, gun and easy to use your software will be. We can test your project on different segments of the market, so that we evaluate beforehand how your next piece of software will be perceived by the targeted segments of the market.

Just Testing

If you have your project already developed, you can use our teams to just test your software. We have dedicated testing teams, available to go the extra mile in order to assure that your project runs smoothly. Bugs? What bugs?


We offer 1 year free of charge maintenance on all of our projects. This offers you peace of mind and gives you the chance to work on your priorities.


Our support team not only is prepared to handle your business, but it’s a pleasure for them as well. They’re passionate, crazy about IT and trained to offer you a supreme customer experience. Please let them help you.

Usability research and testing

Testing products with real users in order to evaluate their usability. Understanding user behaviours, needs and motivations is handled by User Research. Basically we analyse how the audience uses and perceives your product.Testing products with real users in order to evaluate their usability. Understanding user behaviours, needs and motivations is handled by User Research. Basically we analyse how the audience uses and perceives your product.

Functionality Enhancement

We are constantly asked to look into our past projects to add modern functionalities. Our clients’ businesses evolve and their software needs to reflect their needs. We are able to add new functionalities on your software, just ask us how.

Performance Enhancement

As hardware is gaining on performance, software needs to keep the pace. If you’re not sure if your software’s performance is what is should be, let us help you with it. We offer free evaluation workshops for performance enhancement on your existing software. Ask us about it.

Functionality Testing

Testing how your project works versus how you intended it to work is more than important.


Software Release

Releasing the developed software is usually the last step in most development processes. By properly planning our development process and by working on each step just as scheduled, we are making sure that the release of your software is on time, on specs and on budget. We’re proud to say that we offer this quality level to all of our clients, no matter the size or the nature of their project.

Pre Release Testing

Testing your software in Pre Release, makes sure that even the smallest bugs are discovered and even the tiniest functionality issues are resolved. You won’t have to launch the software and then get negative feedback from your clients. Testing the software as how it was meant to be used by the final user is a service that ensures the success of your Software Release.

Ongoing Delivery

Large software projects are always a challenge for software developers. Not for us. We are prepared to handle all your business needs and we are ready to be involved in a long lasting partnership. We have the capabilities, knowledge, team and expertise. Put us to the test.

Automated Deployments

Depending on what type of project we will develop for you, we are able to continue working on improving your software. We offer Automated Deployments for your packages, while you can continue using your software business as usual.

Peace Of Mind

Peace of mind is what we enjoy saying we’re able to offer to our clients. You must understand that we are a full service software house, with seven offices throughout the world and we are always ready to take on new challenges no matter what technology or needs you might have. This approach allows us to offer our clients Peace of Mind, because releasing your software as scheduled is our biggest priority. We’re never late.

Post Release Services

After releasing your software our collaboration doesn’t have to stop there. There is an entire set of services that we’re ready to support your business with. After releasing your software our collaboration doesn’t have to stop there. There is an entire set of services that we’re ready to support your business with.

Software Support

No matter what software you might be using, no matter what your needs might be, our flexible team of software engineers are prepared to understand your requirements and help you accordingly. Our support teams are well prepared, easy to talk to and love what they do

From Idea, Design And Development, To Post Launch Support,

We’re Your Partner.

This Is What We’re Able To Do For You:

  • Mobile Solutions
  • Wearables App development
  • Apps for TV
  • User experience design
  • Interactive prototyping
  • 3rd party api integration
  • Native iOS development
  • Native Android Development
  • PHP/MySQL Development
  • UI Design
  • Branding
  • Chat Systems
  • Chat bots
  • Geo-Location Services
  • Social Media Integration
  • Hardware Integration
  • Push Notifications
  • Third Party Payment Systems
  • CRM Platforms
  • Media Streaming Apps
  • Healthcare Apps
  • Commerce Solutions
  • Swift development
  • Software services

Technologies We Love Working With

  • Symony Framwork
  • Laravel Framework
  • Wordpress
  • PHP/MySQL Development
  • Dot Net
  • C objective
  • WebOs - LG
  • IOS App development
  • Android App Development
  • IOS Game development
  • Android Game Development
  • Android STB
  • Ps3
  • Ps4
  • Android TV Apps
  • Google TV Apps
  • Samsung TV Apps
  • Philips Smart TV
  • Tizen - Samsung
  • Xbox
  • Swift
  • Node JS
  • Video JS
  • Angular JS
  • Roku
  • Lamp

Let’s transition your idea into reality.