CRM Solution

CRM Solution(CRM solutions, Other)

Ecommerce Web & Mobile App

Ecommerce Web & Mobile App(Mobile Apps, E-Commerce)

Film On - Media Platform

Film On - Media Platform(Web Development, Smart TV Apps)

UI/UX/Interface Design

UI/UX/Interface Design(Web Development)

Live Streaming App

Live Streaming App(Smart TV Apps)


Neo-PSY(Mobile Apps)

Unlock River

Unlock River(Web Development)


Xceed(Web Development, Mobile Apps)

JSpeed Test

JSpeed Test(Web Development)

Murgul Transport Platform

Murgul Transport Platform(Web Development, Mobile Apps)

Elevate - Brain Training

Elevate - Brain Training(Web Development)

Call Center CRM Application

Call Center CRM Application(Web Development, CRM solutions)

Just Some Of Our Work

These examples of our work reflect only a small portion of it, but are used only to give you an idea about what we could develop for you and your company. We must specify that many of our projects have been developed under non-disclosure agreements, so mentioning them in order to raise the caliber of our brand is not allowed by the agreed terms of the signed contracts.

Our Work Approach

We have redesigned our client process so that it is simpler than ever to start developing an idea from scratch. Our process only has four steps and at each step we are evaluating our outcome, making the success of your project a palpable thing..

First Step: Concept & Strategy

Each project starts with an initial discussion. Not only we get to learn things about you, but we analyse your needs, your objectives and the feasibility of your idea. Our team sketches a concept for you to review. We then together develop your new product’s strategy, considering every significant aspect of your project.

Second Step: Design & Develop

Having the Concept and the Strategy in place, our designers team can start working properly on your design. Our User Experience specialists not only create beautiful products, but software products that do the exact same purpose they were designed for. Our products are fun and easy to use, are informative at the same time, most of our clients use our software as tools to help them with various tasks, from sales, marketing and business development, to more specific server side management and even advanced financial software for the banking industry.

Just as were saying before, our team uses both AGILE and SCRUM processes for the development of our software. Not only we use the best practices in this field, but we are hiring the best people to work for us. The way we’re organised, the huge amount of exposure we have to the latest information available and our connections in this global market, allow our products to be on top of the trend.

Third Step: Test & Launch

Testing a software product is vital for assuring its success. Our tester teams are well managed, well prepared and ready for new challenges. We can assure you that your product will be properly tested. If you need more complex services, we are able to offer you Focus Group Testing for user experience or advanced usability testing.

Launching the product is not only publishing your app to GooglePlay or AppStore, or if you have a website uploading it online. Launching a software product can be handled in various ways and together with you we’ll choose the best way to address your company’s needs. Supporting the launch with informative campaigns, live demos, webinars, press releases and much more, are things we usually do for our clients.

Fourth Step: Measure & Improve

So your software product is live now. Most of the companies end their support at this stage. Everything they were paid for has now been done. Or has it? Measuring the performance of a project is a vital thing when you want to be the best. If you don’t measure something how can you improve it? Not only we’re measuring your project’s performance, but we’re always coming with improvement ideas based on the fact that the IT programming techniques are always evolving. We are keeping up with the latest trends and we are always making business propositions to our clients, so that they can take full benefit from our knowledge, experience and love for the products we develop.

We don’t just build software, we offer Solutions. Bespoke Solutions.

In order to better understand how we’re able to help your business, please visit our Solutions page. There, you will be able to find industry related solutions, projects that we have developed or that we are able to develop considering our current capabilities. Please visit our Solutions page.

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