The Webdilio Group is a privately owned group of companies with the purpose of implementing software technology to as many projects as possible. With offices in London, Romania, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Delaware and Seychelles, we have our own team of developers, specialists in their fields of expertise, lead by our Executive Team’s leadership.


We are a multinational entity with global reach

Our offices are placed strategically throughout the world in order to offer our existing clients the maximum amount of support. Our reach is global, not only because our Products (LiveChat.net, SMon.com and Jspeedtest.net) are global platforms, but our tailored solutions have benefited clients from many industries and from almost all continents of the world.

We use technology to create amazing experiences

Not only we are able to design out of the box software to address your company’s business needs, but we are able to use software to improve your processes and to improve your clients’ experiences. Our team’s expertise not only allows us to understand your business, but our creativity and experience enable us to improve your ideas as well. And being passionate about it makes it easy for us. This is what we love doing. We love talking to people about their ideas. Let’s have a chat now.


Webdilio is a software development company dedicated to help businesses transition their ideas into productive business models.

Focused on communication and on exceeding expectations, Webdilio brings to the table world class skills and unique user experience on all of our products.


Our Team

We are Webdilio. We work from seven locations: London, Romania, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Delaware and Seychelles, having in mind one main objective - your success. We are passionate and enthusiastic about transitioning your ideas into reality. We love speaking about what we do and what we could do for you. Our team is lead by our Executive Team’s leadership with more than 20 years of overall experience in this field.

Who we are

The Webdilio Group has presence in seven countries in the world. We are flexible and extremely supportive, so we enjoy making things easy for our clients. Having a presence in our clients’ countries of residence has proven to be a good strategy so far. We are responsive, serious and very well prepared.

During our more than 12 years on the market developing apps, websites and various software projects, we have collaborated with hundreds of clients from many countries of the world. We have an international presence and a global reach. With our strategically placed in we are addressing client's needs from countries from the Middle East to even covering all of the EEA.

Let’s transition your idea into reality.