My View On Apple And iPhone 7 - Is The Audio Jack Such A Big Deal?

Apple is ahead of our times and it has always been. I see so many people having attitude towards the latest iPhone 7 launch and what features the latest iPhone offers.

But why are you all talking about features? That’s what Samsung should do and they’d probably win the battle. Their phones have a memory card, have audio jack, some have already been waterproof and their overall specs are high end.

But all these are features, not benefits. Apple sells on benefits, on lifestyle and how cool it is to actually use their products. Their pricing perfectly reflects this, as they are so expensive. But has that stopped their customers from adoring their tech?

Back in ’08 didn’t the same thing happened when Apple decided not to give iPhone a memory card slot? Apple have been pioneers when designing and developing their products. By not implementing the memory card they set the ground for the cloud. The memory card was something so normal a few years ago, but now the clod is way more popular, with real benefits for their users, especially in the mobile industry.

Apple are here to be on the long run. They have huge courage to ditch the audio jack, as they don’t actually know how it’s going to be received by the market. What gives them this confidence?

We’re all used to do stuff in a specific way; any change might get us upset. But what if that small change is just the beginning? What if in 10 years from now, everything will be wireless, how would you then feel remembering how revolted you were on Apple for changing the game, for being pioneers?

We now have contradictory feelings towards the iPhone 7, we’re curious on how it’ll be, we’re afraid we might not like it, or not get used to using it properly (which I seriously doubt it) and we’re all thinking – why didn’t they just improve it and launch it without messing anything up? And the answer is – they didn’t. They’re just pioneers in the mobile industry, they offer an unbelievable user experience around their products and I’m sure iOS 10 will contribute to this big time.

Apple has always been about being different, not using Windows, not using Android, imagine how easy it would have been for them not to spend years and years on developing something that it’s been out there already and you could take it and use it on your products accordingly. That’s the main difference between Apple and its competitors. They are doing them all their selves, they do them well and they’re here for the long run, they’re here to stay. So if they’re ditching that audio jack I trust them, I believe they have a vision around this and I trust it is for a greater good.

So Apple aren’t changing the phone, don’t be afraid. They’re just making it better. Why use a technology that uses so much space, why be wired? The Lightning port can do that job with no problem and digitally as well. Why does it matter for you that you won’t have that jack, as long as your music experience will be flawless? That’s what Apple guarantee.

There will be an adaptor in each iPhone 7 box and you’ll be able to use any kind of headphones to listen to music directly from the Lighting port.

If you don’t decide to buy the wireless headphones, the only usage problem I would see is that I won’t be able to listen to music while I’m charging my iPhone and that could be a big one. Apple recommend to use a dock which would have a jack port separately, but it’s not that easy to handheld a dock, is it?

So Belkin have already announced they will be offering the new iPhone 7 users a very smart and simple accessory: a splitter for the Lightning port. This will basically offer the possibility to charge the phone and listen to music at the same time. So problem solved.

Anyway, the message from Apple is clear: iPhone 7 is the best iPhone so far, we have always set the industry standard with our phones and that’s what we’re doing right now.

Remember that Apple have sold 1 billion iPhones so far, which makes iPhone is the best-selling product of its kind in the history of the world. Their App Store has had 140 billion downloads so far, with 2x more revenue than their closest competitor, managing to produce 106% YoY growth, Tim Cook says.

iPhone is and will be the smartphone which every other smartphone is compared to, since its beginnings it has become a cultural phenomenon and knowing the level of care Apple demonstrates when it comes to their products, I believe that indeed they have created the best iPhone so far.