Superficiality. Strategy. Execution.


These terms define what we really are today. Were you thinking at superficiality as being something negative? Why did you do that? Superficiality is so important, as a certain amount of it is super useful because otherwise you’d be overwhelmed by doing everything perfectly. You might end up working on your first task indefinitely.

I remember when I started up a business back in the days, I did everything so different than how I would do it today. I gave importance to the wrong stuff and I spent most of my time preparing, instead of executing. It doesn’t matter how you start doing things, as long as you’re actually doing them. Decide to start sooner rather than later and you’ll be better anyway, compared to your inexperienced version.

Doing a task, implementing an idea, polishing it, re-analysing it and re-implementing everything again, knowing where you did wrong and where you could be better, all of these enable you to be a better individual, with a new perspective, with new ways of seeing and analysing everything.


Strategy sounds so serious, there might be business leaders who don’t strategise well enough, but for most of the regular guys, having a strategy is something they’re not familiar with. At most, they might be having a plan. That’s the strategy I’m talking about. That plan needs to be developed a bit, the best results being achieved if your strategy has a strategy.

Knowing how what you’re doing is affecting people around you, having some short, mid and long term plans regarding your idea, being realist in your expectations, that’s what a strategy should be made of. Analyse, understand and then try to come up with solutions for different outcomes. That’s what you need to do regarding your strategy.


Most modern business leaders nowadays say that execution is everything. I like to say it like that: “Execution is everything. Well, it’s not everything, but it’s super important.” You get the idea. And why do you think execution is so important?


Let me give you an example: Let’s look at a start-up vlogger. He’s not that good when compared to all the big guys, his equipment is not top class or super expensive. He is creative, smart, but his videos are not the same when compared to the big guys. What do you think about him? You’re labelling him as being “not that good” and that’s it. Do you think you could do it better? But what the guy does is execute his idea and vision. After his first 10-15 videos he realises there are a few simple things he could do to drastically improve his videos. He understands his equipment and most importantly his equipment needs. He won’t buy a camera just because someone says he needs it; he’ll buy the exact one he KNOWS he needs. He’s able to tell the difference now. He decides to create a new video, explaining what he realised since starting his vlog. He is being honest and believable and his followers start growing. He might go viral. He’s one of the big guys now.

In the meantime, you who have been able to see how inexperienced this guy was, you haven’t done anything. You have a few ideas but there are so many things that could go wrong. And there are so many guys better than you. And with more resources. What will your clients say about working from home? You don’t have an office, a car or whatever. You get the idea.

Stop thinking about what you don’t have and start executing today towards achieving your goal. It doesn’t matter if you do a mistake, or if you don’t do everything perfectly – you’ll give yourself the chance to improve later on. Just execute!


Be a bit superficial with huge stuff. It’s better to do them one way or another, instead of wasting precious time doing them perfectly, or not doing them at all.

Have a strategy. Don’t go how the wind blows. Don’t let others dictate what you need to do. Decide for yourself and act accordingly.

Execute. Execute. Execute.