8+1 Simple Techniques To Get In The Mood For Working

I’m sure it has happened to all of us - sometimes you’re just not in the mood for working properly. The real challenge is to get yourself back on the right track, it’s normal to feel down sometimes during the day. Depending on how fast you realise you’re off track and how fast you decide to get back to what you wanted to do, your day might be a success after all. The journey is so important, but it really matters to get you to where you want to be.

I have been using these simple techniques for a while now; I really believe that by testing what works for you, you can really find new ways of being productive, efficient and happy at the same time.

Take a break

You can always grab 15-20 minutes to get in the right mood. That’s a best practice and each and every manager shouldn’t have anything against it. Obviously you have to be serious about your priorities and work should always be one of them.  So taking a break, getting some air, basically shutting off everything that’s work related for a few minutes, can actually energise you into doing a better job.

Change your environment

I’ve been privileged to work from home for a while. When looking back at what I used to do while I was unsupervised, I kept changing my environment from time to time. I really enjoy working outside and I’ve been very productive while doing so. If you’re not sure whether to believe me or not, just look at Google’s headquarters and you’ll see what I’m talking about. They understand how changing the working environment can enhance productivity.

Work on something else

It often happens to get stalled while working on a project and sometimes you get so frustrated and work so hard to finish it. You end up with an extremely low energy level towards the end of the day and all your other tasks are left for the next day, you being too tired to perform them. I don’t always work on the same thing no matter what, I don’t struggle to finish it and I prefer to actually enjoy working on my projects. So if I have 5 tasks on my to-do list, depending on my energy level, I will start with the one that is more suited with how I am feeling at the moment. In this way I’m working on what I enjoy more.

Treat yourself with something nice

It doesn’t matter if it’s a tasty treat or if you’re buying some new headphones. It might be a new laptop, a new chair or even a lamp. It might me you’re enjoying a nice cup of latte and you’re having it. Treating yourself with something nice usually lifts your spirit and changes your state of mind.

Play your favourite music

There are different opinions about what the best practice is - some even don’t like music at the office at all. Some just keep their favourite track on repeat, to avoid getting distracted. I like my favourite music to run in the background, but sometimes I really enjoy plugging my headphones and just relax while listening to my favourite tracks. Some artists have contagious self-confidence and that affects their creations. I really enjoy finding interesting tracks to listen and fuel myself with what the artist is trying to communicate. And it’s so easy to do that no matter where I am, as my mobile has become a portable media library with all the Apps that are available at the moment.

Watch a motivational video

Most of the time I’m motivated, but there are times when Gary Vaynerchuck’s energy comes in so handy. I also like watching the “closer” Grant Cardone, whose confidence and dedication always motivate me. You get the idea. Find something that’s interesting, informative and motivational. Find whatever works for you and experience it. Whenever I’m watching Grant closing on the phone I get so motivated that I actually go and make some calls. I’m testing whatever could actually work for me.

Read something interesting

Reading is not necessarily about actual motivation, but by reading interesting stuff you’ll be informed and updated, you will gain the self-confidence we all need when talking to a client or customer. Read articles, read what others say about your industry, read what’s trending and try to figure out what might happen next. Reading is about being on top of the situation, it trains your brain and gets you informed, and it offers you knowledge. Read something interesting and get back to work!

Talk to someone about it

Talking to someone about how you feel always helps. Not only the other might comfort you or encourage you, but by expressing what you feel makes you understand it better. By understanding it better, you’ll eventually deal with it, rather than accept it. So discussing what you’re doing with a colleague or friend proves you are an active person who should be appreciated for being able to express his feelings and for wanting to do something to change the situation.

Reconsider what’s driving you

Having your objectives in order helps you be on the right track. Knowing what you’re working for and what motivates you, having your clear objectives in front of you might end up making you want to get there faster. And each and every step you make towards your objective gets you closer to where you want to be.

These are my 8+1 simple tips to get in the mood for working. I practice them throughout the day and they help me be focused, keep me energised and help me auto-motivate myself to get things done.